NWA 033

standby for nwa 033 photo
Found 1999
30° 54′ N., 3° 58′ W. A stone weighing 192 g was found in the Moroccan Sahara. Northwest Africa 033 is also known as Taouz 003. Classification was done at the Institut für Planetologie, Münster, Germany (main mass with JNMC). This carbonaceous chondrite is unusual in light of its low matrix abundance and nearly equilibrated olivines within the chondrules. It has an O-isotope composition nearly identical to that of Allende and Axtell, with an oxygen three-isotope plot within the CV field. However, it contains less trapped noble gases, having only a cosmogenic component of neon. It has a CRE age of ~20 m.y. Northwest Africa 033 is shocked to stage S2 and is highly weathered to a grade of W3/4. The specimen of NWA 033 shown above is a 5.3 g partial slice with some remnant fusion crust. The top photo below shows the reverse side, while the bottom photo shows a thin section of NWA 033, courtesy of JNMC Meteorites.

standby for nwa 033 photo

standby for nwa 033 photo
Thin section photo courtesy of JNMC Meteorites

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